Calgary International Airport collaborates with other Canadian airports to warn against privatization with website

Originally published: February 2, 2017

The Calgary International Airport has joined forces with two other major Canadian airports to warn of the potential dangers of privatization.

Together with the Ottawa and Vancouver international airports, YYC has created a website — — to argue against selling Canadian airports to private investors, an idea that is currently being studied by the Trudeau government. Currently, Canada's major airports are owned by the federal government and run by non-profit airport authorities, but some observers — including former cabinet minister David Emerson in his recent review of Canada's transportation system — have called for privatization as a way to improve Canadian air travel competitiveness.

With the launch of the website, YYC and its partners are fighting back, arguing that selling the country's airports to for-profit investors would increase travel costs for passengers, remove local voices from airport boards, and undermine the Canadian economy.

"Airport authorities re-invest every penny earned back into our airports and that investment has created some of the best airport facilities in the world," said Bob Sartor, president and CEO of the Calgary Airport Authority, in a release. "We are launching this campaign to educate Canadians about the impacts to travellers and local communities if the federal government proceeds with selling the country's airports."

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